The EMAT analysis package was originally developed in 2005, but never integrated into an EM Unit for rope testing and analysis, therefore its full capability was not available to the mining industry.


Integration of core functionality of the EMAT analysis package LMAs (Loss Metallic Area), deconvolution filtering and LF (Local Fault) signal enhancement, using wavelets into the Rotescograph GUI, as well as system testing and training. The project integrates the functionality from EMAT into the Rotescograph v2 application as outlined in the C-Core Proposal P 07-65. The work includes: Analysis Pane Functionality; LF Analysis Module, and LMA Analysis Module.


  1. A fully integrated system for rope testing and analysis based on current EMAT and Rotescograph software;
  2. User and training manuals for the two software systems;
  3. Training for one end user.


Solution team

  • Peter Cunningham, Vale
  • Al Akerman, CEMI