Mine design has been identified as a major growth area in metal mining. In order to facilitate knowledge sharing, encourage collaboration, build a strong, networked community internationally, and identify areas needing research and development tools, a knowledge community needs to be created and developed.


CEMI used the same community model that has allowed Wikipedia to become one of the most successful and valued general information sources to create the Mine Design Handbook – Wiki Edition.


The Mine Design Handbook format has been established, editions assigned, and articles written by consultants, members of academia and industry, and other highly respected mine professionals. Additional articles are being prepared to encompass a comprehensive overview of the essential aspects of mine design. The site is continually updated to ensure relevance. Mine professionals are invited to join the community and comment on existing articles, thereby contributing to the robustness of mine design practice. Bringing together industry leaders to improve the sharing of mine design expertise will also offer significant educational value for courses in mine design at universities and colleges. Visit our Wiki at This project is closed.

Solution team

  • Glenn Lyle, CEMI
  • George McIsaac, Consultant
  • Steve McKinnon, Queen’s University
  • Andrew Dasys, Objectivity