CEMI Contributions

CEMI Leads mining innovation in Canada

We deliver commercially viable innovations to improve safety, productivity and environmental performance. We help mining companies achieve better operational performance for a faster rate of return. 


Theodore Levitt

Who We Are

CEMI is Canada’s leading source of Mining Innovation.
We develop innovations to:
  • Find more ore
  • Mine ore more effectively and safely
  • Generate more value from mines
  • Get a more benign impact on the environment

Established in 2007, CEMI’s mandate is to lead step-change innovation by introducing new practices, procedures, tools, techniques and technologies to help generate a significant improvement in the performance of mines.

Why We Do

CEMI understands that innovation is essential for the longevity of the metal mining industry
Mining Innovation will help to:
  1. Improve the cost-effectiveness of mining: utilize less time and fewer resources during the mineral production process to create measurable gains.
  2. Increase the rate of ore-body discovery: reduce the time from discovery to production.
  3. Manage the impact of mining on the environment: reduce the impact on the natural environment; clean mining technology to reduce the cost of long-term intervention; reduce attendant liabilities and accelerate final reclamation.

CEMI’s Innovation Equation

Every element of CEMI’s Innovation Equation is an essential building block to innovation


RD + I&C

Each element helps to ensure the innovation is sustainable and economically feasible:
  1. Research (R): An essential component, it includes academic research for the identification of new ideas; and applied research to address practical applications.
  2. Demonstration (D): assures the application and workability of the idea.
  3. Implementation (I): addresses the operational viability of the innovation. It answers the question, “is it applicable in the real-world environment?”
  4. Commercialization (C): ensures that the innovation will be accepted or adopted by the mining operation. This final step is the proof of a successful innovation.

“82% of Evidence Network Survey respondents believe that CEMI contributed to their ability to innovate in the development of new products, processes or services”

Evidence Network Survey 2014