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    Cypher EnvironmentalCypher Environmental engineers environmentally friendly, high-quality dust control, soil stabilization, and water remediation solutions for a growing global economy. As an industry pioneer, Cypher is constantly innovating and delivering greater performance for their products, as well as their clients. With Cypher, client will improve project safety, operational efficiencies, and the bottom line. Cypher products are non-corrosive, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. The highly concentrated formulations allow for economical shipping to further enhance cost-effective results. Beyond the environmental factor, the solutions’ long-lasting results introduce operational efficiencies that provide potentially significant cost savings. For more information on this technology contact

    iRing INC. designs precision ring blasting software used in underground blasting operations by matching energy distribution in ring blasting using both ore properties and explosive properties for precision break.

    iRing has designed the AEGIS Designer, Analyzer and Break Analyzer software to achieve this objective. iRing INC. has developed these advanced tools to underground blasting operations to allow engineers and planners exceptional abilities to see the interaction of explosive properties, rock/ore parameters and stress generation on ring blasting. In underground production blasting, it is essential that pattern designs are based on understanding how energy distribution through the use of strategically placed blast-holes in complicated ore-body geometries can influence blast pattern design. For more information on this technology contact

    CanMINDCanMIND has developed systems and methods for cooling a volume or structure, which may provide for cogeneration of refrigeration and electricity from a cryogenic liquid. CanMind has developed the system for converting a cryogenic liquid into a compressed gas and/or high-velocity gas flow, wherein the cryogenic liquid absorbs heat to provide the compressed gas and/or high-velocity gas flow; and, optionally, expanding the compressed gas and/or high-velocity gas flow from a high to a lower pressure, providing an expanded gas; wherein heat exchange may be performed between the cryogenic liquid, the compressed gas, the high-velocity gas flow, the expanded gas, or any combinations thereof, and ambient air or ventilation air of the volume or structure, so as to provide cooling to the ambient air or ventilation air of the volume or structure. For more information on this technology contact

    GupexGupex has a cost-effective patented method of recovering heat from the mine exhaust air and using that heat to preheat the fresh ventilation air to the mine shaft. This results in up to 45% reduction in CO2 related pollution and the system offers an attractive pay-back on capital investment. With a lifetime of over 50 years, the Gupex solution promises reduced environmental impact, savings in propane and electricity consumption. For more information on this technology contact

    Lost DutchmanLost Dutchman Ltd has developed a mine ore concentration technology that is capable of concentrating metal ores without the use of water or chemicals. The technology is capable of concentrating gold, silver, copper, tungsten, and many other heavy metal ores and does so in a manner that benefits mine sustainability goals and values. The technology has been tested and subjected to independent third-party review and verification. For more information on this technology contact

    RelamcoIn order to better service our global mining partners in Peru, CEMI has partnered with Relamco, a multidisciplinary Engineering and Lean Six Sigma firm based in Sudbury, Ontario. Relamco provides clients with a full range of services including conceptual and detailed design engineering, project management, construction management, commissioning, start-up, and production & maintenance support. Relamco’s Lean Six Sigma consulting services and training are designed to improve operational productivity, plant maintenance, reliability and availability at the optimum lifecycle cost. Relamco brings better ways to control costs, optimize systems and processes, and deliver results with one goal in mind: Improving business productivity. For more information on this technology contact

    Successful Innovation

    ColdBlock Technologies:

    ColdBlock™ Digestion and CEMI have been collaborating partners since 2009. ColdBlock™ Digestion has developed a sample digestion technology to dissolve solid matter into a solution for instrumental multi-element analysis. It uses focused short-wave infrared radiation (IR) which allows laboratory technicians to be more accurate and precise, makes it easier to use, and also reduce requirement of hazardous reagents.
    The benefits of this technology for mining companies are:
    • Productivity Gains through
      • Shortened sample preparation time
      • Accelerated sample throughput (rapid sample digestion)
    • Safer and greener technology than traditional methods

    The commercialization activities undertaken have been specific, intensive and successful.

    To learn more about Coldblock visit:

    Covergalls™ Incorporated:

    Covergalls , a Canadian company, designs work coveralls for women. 15% of the mining workforce is women. Covergalls is designed to accommodate the needs of women mining underground
    Alicia Woods, founder of Covergalls, has worked in the mining service and supply sector for more than 15 years. Through “observation-based innovation”, she identified a key opportunity in the market.
    Working with BizMine’s IPO, she was able to obtain:
    • Business advisory services
    • Online marketing course
    • Market development activities (meetings with mining sector leaders)
    • Network with the Council on Innovation & Commercialization (Conference Board of Canada) led to a meeting at 3M’s Innovation Centre (Minnesota) and the ability to meet new customers.

    To learn more about Covergalls visit:

    Revolution Mining team with collaborators in the SOT+ workshop held in Sudbury.

    Revolution Mining:

    Revolution Mining’s software SOT (Schedule Optimization Tool), is the only software in the market that optimizes NPV (net present value) of long term schedules for selective underground mining operations.
    Lorrie Fava, President of Revolution Mining, oversaw the development of the tool. Originally, a project developed at MIRARCO with support from CEMI, Lorrie established Revolution Mining in 2014. Working with the IPO, Lorrie has achieved the following:
    • Negotiate the IP for the technology from MIRARCO
    • Navigate the licensing agreements
    • Network with mining companies
    • Assistance in setting up an Advisory Board
    • Business Development assistance

    The result of these activities is the acceleration of market acceptance of the technology with 8 new companies adopting the technology.

    To learn more about Revolution Mining visit:

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