Our Innovation Partners

    Private and Public Sector Investors

    Private Sector Investors: CEMI partners with Individuals, organizations, private equity funds and venture capitalists that invest to secure a return on investment from the commercialization of innovation. CEMI leverages private sector assets, facilities and operations to advance innovation.
    Public Sector Investors: CEMI partners with all three levels of government (municipal, provincial, federal) to advance innovation. These investments can be directly from the government or delivered through program delivery initiatives (Government Labs, Government R&D Centres). These investments typically result in job creation, mining industry development and growth, social stability, knowledge development and the potential for a more robust economy.

    CEMI’s collaborative partnership network facilitates the private and public investors’ ability to leverage funds (and assets) and for these funds to be managed in a streamlined and efficient manner, while still allowing for proper oversight. Typically this results in the creation of a consortium of program delivery based initiatives. CEMI has a track record of collaborating with and leveraging government (public) resources with private sector investments.

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