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    Last updated October 20, 2020


    The Mining Innovation Commercialization Accelerator (MICA) is a submission to the Federal Strategic Innovation Fund, Stream 5. MICA is a National Network for innovators with solutions for the mining sector, designed to bridge the innovation-commercialization gaps that delay commercial success, domestically and globally. MICA will leverage public and private sector investments to benefit the Canadian economy and the global mining sector by:

    • advancing made-in-Canada solutions and integrating cross-sector innovators nationally
    • networking all sector innovators, to share business best practices and export expertise

    About the MICA Network


    Connect Regional Mining Clusters to Cross-Sector Innovation Centres accross the country to create a National Network to commercialize innovations into the mining industry.


    Use the Canadian advantage of SME-based innovations to create a national mining technology ecosystem to develop new clean technologies for the sector that will lead the transition to a low-carbon future.


    Build a national ecosystem as a network of collaborative regional clusters
    Create regional networks to rapidly increase domestic and export sales
    Scale-up Canadian SMEs to participate in global mining supply chains
    Accelerate the number and scale of home-grown Canadian mining SMEs
    Commercialize new, late-stage, high-impact mining technologies
    Scale-up Canadian SMEs to participate in global mining supply chain


    1. Increase Mine Productive Capacity, at Lower Cost.
    2. Reduce Energy Consumption and GHG Emissions.
    3. Mitigate environmental risk and long-term liabilities.
    4. Implement Smart, Autonomous Mining Systems.

    Who can join MICA?

    • Mine/Plant Operating Companies,
    • Innovative Canadian SMEs,
    • Large Technology Companies,
    • Innovators, Academic & Research Organizations and
    • Industry Associations

    CEMI Welcomes MICA Network Participants


    Tunik Inc.

    Tunik brings automated, remote environmental monitoring into the 21st century with modular  IoT devices that anyone can deploy and operate.

    Enki Geosolutions

    Enki GéoSolutions Inc.

    Develops and promotes innovative, sustainable geological solutions in the fields of energy, storage and development.

    Academic & Other

    A special thank you to Sudbury Integrated Nickel Operations (a Glencore company) and Vale for support in advancing the MICA initiative

    Sudbury INO