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    Last updated October 18, 2021

    MICA LaunchJoin CEMI and MICA’s 6 Main Partners On Wednesday, November 17 2021 for the official launch of the National Mining Innovation Commercialization Accelerator (MICA) Network

    Joignez-vous à CEMI et aux 6 partenaires principaux de l’ACIM mercredi le 17 novembre 2021 pour le lancement officiel du réseau national de l’Accélérateur de Commercialisation d’Innovation Minière (ACIM).


    MICA Launch Event Sponsors

    Echion Group
    Itasca Consulting Canada Inc
    Greenland International Consulting Ltd

    Exciting News!

    The Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation (CEMI) is delighted to announce that the submission to the Federal Strategic Innovation Fund, Stream 5 for the Mining Innovation Commercialization Accelerator (MICA) Network has been successful.

    The Honourable Minister Champagne (ISED) made his announcement on Tuesday, July 13, at the Agnico Eagle Mine in Rouyn-Noranda. Minister Champagne was joined by Douglas Morrison (President & CEO, CEMI) as well as Alain Beauséjour (Groupe MISA – one of the 6 Main Partners). Read more about the official announcement

    An echo announcement was held in Sudbury with the CEMI Team, our MPs Marc Serré and Paul Lefebvre, local SMEs and dignitaries at Glencore in Falconbridge.

    MICA Sudbury announcement group shot


    Honourable François-Philippe Champagne


    MICA is a National Network for innovators with solutions for the mining sector, designed to bridge the innovation-commercialization gaps that delay commercial success, domestically and globally. MICA will leverage public and private sector investments to benefit the Canadian economy and the global mining sector by:

    • advancing made-in-Canada solutions and integrating cross-sector innovators nationally
    • networking all sector innovators, to share business best practices and export expertise

    About the MICA Network


    Connect Regional Mining Clusters to Cross-Sector Innovation Centres across the country to create a National Network to commercialize innovations into the mining industry.


    Use the Canadian advantage of SME based innovations to create a national mining technology ecosystem and lead the transition to a low carbon future.


    • Accelerate the number and scale of home grown Canadian mining SMEs
    • Commercialize new, late stage, high impact mining technologies
    • Create regional networks and rapidly increase domestic and export sales
    • Scale up Canadian SMEs to participate in global mining supply chains
    • Build a national ecosystem as a network of collaborative regional networks



    1. Increase Mine Production Capacity, at Lower Cost.
    2. Reduce Mining Energy Consumption and GHG Emissions.
    3. Implement Smart, Autonomous Mining Systems.
    4. Eliminate environmental risk and reduce long-term liabilities.

    Who can join MICA?

    • Mine/Plant Operating Companies,
    • Innovative Canadian SMEs,
    • Large Technology Companies,
    • Innovators, Academic & Research Organizations and
    • Industry Associations

    MICA’s Main Partners


    MaRS is North America’s largest urban innovation hub, occupying 1.5 million square feet in downtown Toronto. MaRS supports more than 1,200 Canadian science and tech companies that are tackling some of society’s greatest challenges, providing them with tailored resources at every stage of their growth, from startup to scale-up. MaRS focuses on four sectors — cleantech, health, fintech and enterprise software — where the potential is greatest to build high-impact companies that strengthen the Canadian economy and increase the competitiveness of established industries, from mining and energy to transportation and agriculture. MaRS’ advisory services connect companies to talent, capital, customers and more, helping high-growth companies succeed on the global stage.



    Group MISA was founded in 2007 as part of the ACCORD program by the Government of Quebec. Since its inception, mining innovation has been at the heart of its mission. Following a business approach, MISA is working to help developing innovative equipment, expertise and services that are sustainable and economically beneficial to the mining industry. MISA supports more than 10M$ in mining innovation investments per year. The innovation program is validated by expert networks, exclusively composed of mining operators from exploration and extraction companies. In 2020, MISA moved to the status of “pole of excellence” by the Government of Quebec, confirming expertise quality in mining innovation and mission deployment throughout the whole province.


    CNACollege of the North Atlantic (CNA) is Newfoundland and Labrador’s (NL) only public post-secondary college, and one of the largest educational and skills training centres in Atlantic Canada. With a network of multiple campuses throughout the province, CNA has been a major contributor to the workforce and innovation needs of NL’s $4 billion mining sector for nearly 60 years. Since 2015, CNA has conducted dozens of applied research projects with provincial mining sector companies that have attracted over $10 million in external funding. Included among them are short-term NRC IRAP (National Research Council of Canada’s Industrial Research Assistance Program) projects and multi-year/partner National Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) projects that have, simultaneously, created over 50 paid experiential learning opportunities for CNA students that, in turn, led to full-time employment for graduates.

    Saskatchewan Polytechnic

    Saskatchewan Polytechnic has four applied research centres with expertise in data and digital integration, conventional and additive manufacturing, bioplastics, natural resource conservation, nursing and health sciences. The Digital Integration Centre of Excellence (DICE) Technical Access Centre (TAC) focuses on data acquisition and knowledge generation the mining and agricultural sectors. The Innovative Manufacturing Centre (IMC) capacity and expertise include rotational and injection molding, bioplastics, and rapid prototyping in over twenty-five materials including metal. Natural Resource Technology researchers work from Prince Albert and the boreal forest research lab and teaching facility in northern Saskatchewan, the Hannin Creek Education and Applied Research Centre. The Centre for Health Research, Improvement and Scholarship (CHRIS) supports researchers in Saskatchewan Polytechnic’s Schools of Health Sciences and Nursing. Expertise includes Interprofessional Care, Rural Health, Cultural Empowerment, and Vulnerable Populations.


    The Bradshaw Research Initiative for Minerals and Mining (BRIMM) is a multidisciplinary research hub at the University of British Columbia (UBC) focused on breaking down traditional research silos and generating innovative mining and exploration sector solutions. By working across the UBC campus, BRIMM has access to top minds in the fields of Mining Engineering, Microbiology, Geology, Business, Policy, Data Science and more. It is through these connections that  BRIMM can find the perfect team of researchers for the big mining challenges of today. BRIMM was initiated in 2017 and has already developed four research themes to focus on and tackle these big problems. These themes are Ore-Body Knowledge, Mining Microbiome, Sustainable Mine Energy Systems, and Water Stewardship with more planned for the coming years.


    InnoTech Alberta

    InnoTech Alberta, a subsidiary of Alberta Innovates, is a leading research and technology organization serving the needs of industry, entrepreneurs and the public sector. InnoTech’s  leading-edge expertise and industrial-scale research and demonstration facilities accelerate and de-risk technology development and deployment for our clients with a focus on industrial solutions and commercial application.  With over 230 employees, InnoTech operates within several locations across the province, including Vegreville, Edmonton, Devon, and Calgary. InnoTech is Alberta’s innovation engine – with 100 years of bold ideas that feed, grow, fuel, and build Alberta’s agriculture, energy, environment, and forestry sectors. 



    Q Does joining the MICA Network require a membership?
    A MICA will be based on a membership model, that will be tiered depending on the type of organization. More details will be released shortly including the benefits of membership. To become a member of MICA, please subscribe to CEMI’s mailing list to be apprised of updates and further information about membership.

    Q If I have a technical project that I want to submit to MICA, what is the process?
    A There will be a call for proposal process implemented. By subscribing to CEMI’s mailing list you will be notified when this is undertaken. Subscribe to CEMI’s mailing list

    Q What will the networking events look like under MICA?
    A These are currently being planned, but will include items such as: Annual symposium, regional and national events for technical projects; networking and knowledge sharing. Subscribe to CEMI’s mailing list to stay informed. (insert link)

    CEMI Welcomes MICA Network Participants

    ideon Technologies Inc

    Ideon Technologies, Inc.

    World pioneer in cosmic-ray muon tomography, providing unique insights to those who explore up to 1 km beneath the Earth’s surface.

    AUG Signals

    A.U.G. Signals Ltd.

    AUG Signals is a technology company with over 30 years of experience providing advanced data, signal and image processing solutions.


    ROSOR Corp

    A Canadian UAS service company, they provide high quality data via UAS integration with data collection mediums like LiDar, magnetometers, and more.

    Jannatec Technologies

    Jannatec Technologies

    At Jannatec we work to improve communications and enhance safety systems to lead the industry into a safer, more productive future.


    NuBinary Inc.

    NuBinary is a Fractional CTO and Advisory consulting firm specializing in industrial IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Analytics solutions.


    Nokia Canada

    Nokia provides high-performance private LTE and 5G networks that enable mining companies to use digital technologies to adapt to fluctuating demand, control operational costs and address growing safety and environmental concerns.

    Carlson Laser Mearurement Devices

    Carlson Software Inc.

    World-class systems and sensors for high-performance mapping, surveying, positioning and measuring, even in extreme environments – Carlson’s high-speed measurement and surveying systems are designed for use in conditions where speed, accuracy and safety matter.


    HLS Hard-Line Solutions Inc.

    HARD-LINE is the world’s most trusted remote-control company making mines safer and more productive.


    MineVest Ltd.

    MineVest provides excellent, innovative technology and engineering solutions to meet mining and mineral processing plants client’s design and optimization needs with focus on minimizing environmental and social impact.

    KPM Accelerate


    KPM-Accelerate is a global chem-tech start-up accelerator, looking to turn chemical potential into a reality.


    Amplytica Inc

    Amplytica provides microbial insights that enable clients to enhance bioleaching and mine wastewater treatment performance.



    we help our clients become environmental stewards by achieving compliance, mitigating risks and protecting our planet through environmentally responsible operations. Our seamless consulting and technology solutions provide business  and environmental sustainability.

    Tap Report

    Tap Report

    Streamlines inspections and reports to provide workplaces 3X+ ROI. Can be used on any location or equipment (i.e. Fire Equipment, Mechanical, Sanitation, Health and Safety, etc.). Ensures each area is visited, removes  need for paperwork, makes compliance effortless & mitigates risk.

    IONIC Mechatronics

    Ionic Technology Group

    Ionic Mechatronics is an industrial automation firm specializing in custom automated systems for heavy industry.

    SafeSight Exploration Inc

    SafeSight Exploration Inc.

    Safesight’s underground drone technology and LiDAR solutions provide products and services to support digital transformation

    Centric Mining Systems

    Centric Mining Systems Inc

    Centric is foundational to digital transformation with software solutions that optimize workflows, integrate systems, and support decision-makers with clear optics to KPIs, advanced analytics and new insights to your business.

    Sudbury INO

    Sudbury Integrated Nickel Operations - a GLENCORE company

    Sudbury INO has been mining nickel-copper ores in the Sudbury area of northern Ontario, Canada, since 1928. 

    Enviro Integration Services

    Enviro Integration Strategies

    EIS is focused on reducing waste management risks, and creating value through collaborative strategies.

    Unmanned Aerial Services

    Unmanned Aerial Services Inc.

    The UAS commitment is to push the limits of where unmanned vehicles can go safely to acquire information –  Accessing the Inaccessible.


    Renix Inc.

    RenixUIX is a cleantech platform solving emerging chemistry challenges in natural resource processing.

    Western Heritage

    Western Heitage

    Western Heritage solutions include satellite-based environmental monitoring and cultural heritage management (30 years experience).

    Boart Longyear

    Boart Longyear

    Established in 1890, Boart Longyear is the world’s leading provider of drilling services, drilling equipment and performance tooling for mining and drilling companies.

    Rail Haul Technologies

    RHT RailHaul Technologies Inc.

    RailHaul is developing self-powered, semi-autonomous freight rail car systems as an alternative to mine haul trucks and conveyors.

    Cascadia Scientific

    Cascadia Scientific Inc.

    Cascadia Scientific provides decision intelligence through on-equipment fuel measurement and IIoT sensors.


    Spinetector Canada

    New, novel upper body safety vest, designed to reduce the force of impact caused by rock fall on the spine and rib section of underground miners & high risk construction workers.

    Zero Energy Water

    Zero Energy Water

    By harnessing the extraordinary properties of graphene, we’ve developed the most efficient reverse osmosis membranes in the world.

    Muddy River Technologies

    Muddy River Technologies Inc.

    Physical, chemical and electrochemical systems to treat water and wastewater, clean and simple.



    SK Godelius creates engineering solutions related to automation, teleoperation, robotization and connectivity of large machines, vehicles, robots and processes.

    2S Water

    2S Water Incorporated

    2S Water have developed a sensor which detects metals in water in real time.

    Hyperspectral Intelligence

    Hyperspectral Intelligence Inc.

    Hyperspectral Intelligence’s drill core analyzer–the geoLOGr–identifies rocks objectively to produce accurate drill core logs.


    Clickmox Solutions Inc.

    Clickmox is an innovative company that specializes in robotics, LiDARs, AI and drones.


    Notiform Inc.

    Facilitate documented operational assessments in areas of digital transformation for business workflow improvement.

    FKC Lake Shore

    FKC-Lake Shore

    FKC-Lake Shore offers design-build services for innovative mine hoisting and vertical conveyance systems.


    Econse Water Purification Systems Inc.

    Econse is a Canadian manufacturer. Our decentralized technology helps Industries address their unique water challenges and grow sustainably.

    Paige Engineering

    Paige Engineering Limited

    Paige Engineering builds specialized Explosive Delivery Equipment and Cloud-Based Control Systems for Surface and Underground Mining Operations.

    Cypher Environmental

    Cypher Environmental

    Cypher Environmental engineers environmentally friendly, high-quality dust control and soil stabilization solutions for a growing global economy.


    Geomative Inc.

    Geomative has developed an innovative Geomonitor system, that can monitor tailing dams in real-time and remotely.


    Tunik Inc.

    Tunik brings automated, remote environmental monitoring into the 21st century with modular  IoT devices that anyone can deploy and operate.

    Enki Geosolutions

    Enki GéoSolutions Inc.

    Develops and promotes innovative, sustainable geological solutions in the fields of energy, storage and development.


    Bio-Mine Ltd.

    Bio-Mine Ltd is a’ Cleantech Incubator’ of non-toxic and safe innovations in the mine processing cycle from pre-treatment to leaching to remediation and tailings rehabilitation.

    Elimission Inc


    ELEMISSION provides disruptive laser-based drill core digitization technology for automated mineralogy and elemental assay.


    TesMan Incorporated

    TesMan is a mining problem solver focussing on cycle improvements through the integration of cutting edge technology like their remote cleaning and loading robotic arm

    Naturallia Val D'Or

    Naturallia Val D'Or

    Naturallia organizes business alliances activities such as thematic inbound-outbound economic missions, training sessions and networking forums. 

    MineSense Technologies

    MineSense Technologies Ltd.

    Developing real-time ore quality sensing solutions that improve decision making and generate new ore-body insights that support the digital mine.

    Creative eLearning Design

    Creative eLearning Design

    Educational Consulting and Management Company supporting the growth and development of people with leadership and soft skills training programs.

    CleanTech Geomechanics

    CleanTech Geomechanics Inc.

    CleanTech Geomechanics Inc (CTG) is a Canadian company developing innovative technologies for geo-Energy Storage Systems (geo-ESS).



    AI company building a process improvement platform to save industrial facilities millions of dollars through revolutionary process decision management. 



    Rock-Tech manufactures products for the underground mining industry ranging from utility vehicles, stationary rockbreakers and fuel-oil-grease storage, handling and dispensing systems

    Optimize Group Inc

    Optimize Group Inc

    From mine-to-mill we partner with your team on study development, capital projects, execution oversight, and due diligence.

    URE Consulting

    URE Consulting

    Toronto- mineral processing consultancy specializing in process design, project development and extracting toxic metals for value, from acidic waters.

    KA Imaging

    KA Imaging Inc

    Develops innovative X-ray imaging technologies and systems, providing solutions in the fields of non-destructive testing, additive manufacturing, electronics assembly and more.

    E2metrix Inc.

    E2metrix Inc.

    Specialists in clean electrotechnology solutions, including ECOTHOR, a cost-effective approach for contaminant removal from mine and mill water.

    Mayhew Performance

    Mayhew Performance Ltd.

    Mayhew Performance Ltd. was founded in 2020 with over 50 years of combined Mining and Health Care experience.

    Copperstone Technologies Inc.

    Copperstone Technologies Ltd.

    Copperstone’s amphibious robots are specifically designed for safe access and monitoring on tailings storage facilities.



    Contextere transforms the future of work with an intelligent agent that uses machine learning to deliver actionable intelligence to the last tactical mile.

    Hybrid Power Solutions

    Hybrid Power Solutions

    Hybrid Power Solutions designs and manufactures portable lithium-ion industrial battery packs and larger custom battery systems for the mining sector.

    URE Consulting

    FVT Research

    FVT provides battery-powered equipment, service and support for underground mining. Any vehicle, any size, new or rebuilt.

    Gowling WLG

    Gowling WLG

    Gowling WLG is an international law firm based in Canada including over 1,400 professionals.


    Daniola Corporation

    Providing a blockchain based solution for the global metal supply chain.


    FORTAI Tech Ltd.

    Technology manufacturer of the ADMMIT® solution, FORTAI delivers innovative value chain management and savings to the mining industry.

    Canada Silver Cobalt Works

    Canada Silver Cobalt Works

    Vertically Integrated Leader in Canada’s Silver-Cobalt Heartland

    Greenland Consulting Engineers

    Greenland Engineering & Technologies Group

    GREENLAND® provides civil – environmental engineering & landscape architecture services using proprietary “Smart–IoT” analytical systems.

    Novamera Inc

    Novamera Inc.

    Development of new technology, Sustainable Mining by Drilling, that will be able to mine steeply dipping narrow vein mineral deposits more safely, economically and sustainably.



    Intelline makes generator and hybrid vehicle engines with up to 40% lower fuel consumption.

    iRing Inc

    iRing Inc.

    Based in North Bay, Ontario – Global leader in the development of underground drill & blast planning software that helps mines improve effectiveness and efficiency.



    Based in Edmonton, Alberta – Provides IoT based condition monitoring system for rotating equipment. Detects anomalies in the system and predicts mechanical faults.


    Maestro Digital Mine

    Maestro Digital Mine manufactures Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices and last mile digital networks for the underground mining sector.



    Engineering firm and a leader in providing Lean Six Sigma training and consulting solutions designed to drive efficiency and innovation in the public and private sectors.

    ApoSys Technologies Inc

    ApoSys Technologies Inc.

    Utilizing the cutting-edge LiDAR, machine vision, object recognition, and machine learning technologies to address the industrial challenges.

    Sight Power Inc

    Sight Power Inc

    Based in Ottawa, SightPower Inc. is a global provider of Digital Mine TM solution for mining enterprises on their way of digital transformation.



    Cementation’s engineers, contractors and supply teams focus on Best for Project outcomes, delivering innovative solutions.


    Panisolar Inc.

    Panisolar provides the development and commercialization of rechargeable nickel-zinc batteries and battery grade nickel hydroxide.

    Echion Group

    Echion Group

    A cleantech sector growth advisory specialist that illuminates new opportunities and effective strategic business plans.

    Academic & Other



    The Centre for Innovation in Mineral Resources catalyzes innovation, training and entrepreneurship, with a focus on commercialization of R&D in mining.

    College of the North Atlantic

    College of the North Atlantic

    Newfoundland and Labrador’s public college and one of the largest post-secondary educational skills training centres in Atlantic Canada.

    Lassonde Institute of Mining

    Lassonde Institute of Mining

    University of Toronto’s Lassonde Institute is a mining industry champion delivering research powered solutions with a commitment to strengthen our shared communities and planet. As an integrated, multi-disciplinary innovation and discovery hub, we are home to world-leading experts solving global challenges.

    McGill University

    McGill University

    McGill University, founded in 1821, is one of Canada’s most globally recognized institutions of higher learning with highly inter-disciplinary research.

    University of Waterloo

    University of Waterloo, Earth and Environmental Sciences

    Waterloo is dedicated to improving energy access, affordability and resilience for remote projects, First Nations, and other communities.

    Green Centre Canada

    GreenCentre Canada

    GreenCentre provides hands-on technical development services to create and accelerate the commercialization of next generation chemical/material products and processes.

    Queen's University

    Queen’s University

    Queen’s University works with students, faculty and community members to create and/or accelerate the growth of startups and SMEs in Canada.


    Le Groupe MISA

    Work, on a business basis, to advance innovative equipment and services to ensure the sustainability and maximization of benefits from the mining industry.

    Cambrian College R & D

    Cambrian College R&D

    The Centre for Smart Mining at Cambrian College facilitates the adoption of a new generation of technology by providing mining-focused companies with the technical services and funding they require. The Centre’s goal is to accelerate the development of new technologies for the sector and it offers a low risk way for firms to “test-drive” innovative solutions before they are commercialized.



    MineConnect represents the interests of the largest concentration of expertise in mining supply and services/products from within Northern Ontario to provide the most innovative and highest quality mining supply/products for domestic and global mining markets.

    Laurentian University

    Laurentian University

    Laurentian University is Canada’s Mining University, driving knowledge creation, economic prosperity, and ecological sustainability, locally, nationally, and internationally in the area of mining and environmental stewardship.



     a not-for-profit research arm of Laurentian University, Canada’s Mining University. Our team of talented academic and industry professionals offer the expertise you need for applied research in Rock Mechanics, Safety, Software, and Energy.



    OCE maximizes the commercial impact of research developed in Ontario’s colleges, universities, and research hospitals, and accelerates the commercialization of emerging technologies.

    CORE Foundation

    CORE Foundation

    We connect universities, private companies and regional governments to business and research opportunities in Latin America in mining, agriculture, environment, education, health, and commerce.

    UofT-Institute for Water Innovation

    The Institute for Water Innovation (IWI)

    IWI aspires to be a leading world-class research institute focused on partner-driven research and development to address industrial and urban water challenges in Canada and around the world.

    Lakehead University

    Lakehead University

    Lakehead University has specialization in advanced R & D for innovative mining solutions such as reducing environmental risk and GHGs, and smart, autonomous mining systems.

    Yukon University

    Yuknow University

    Yukon University’s Centre for Northern Innovation in Mining provides training and research tailored to industry needs.



    Fredericton, NB – Focused on Venture Capital and Research Funding . “We help New Brunswick innovators take their ideas further.”

    Western - Institute for Earth & Space Exploration

    Western University - Institute for Earth & Space Exploration

    The leading university for Earth and space exploration research and training in Canada.

    University of Manitoba - Partnership & Innovation

    University of Manitoba - Partnerships & Innovation

    Partnerships & Innovation can facilitate introductions to researchers and technologies at the University of Manitoba.

    A special thank you to Sudbury Integrated Nickel Operations (a Glencore company) and Vale for support in advancing the MICA initiative

    Sudbury INO