The Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation is the lead applicant in the Mining Innovation Commercialization Accelerator (MICA), a high-performance and efficient nationally connected SME based innovation ecosystem that will provide maximum benefit to the Canadian and global mining industry. This program with an estimated value of $120M, is an initiative to secure investment that will:

    1. develop the capacity of the Canadian mining innovation and technology development ecosystem
    2. secure investments from the public and private sector to advance key SME led clean-technologies

    About the MICA Network


    Convert Regional Mining Clusters into a National Mining Ecosystem by creating an interconnected Network.

    MICA Vision

    Use the Canadian advantage of SME-based innovations to create a national mining technology ecosystem and lead the transition to a low-carbon future.

    MICA Mission

    • Build a national ecosystem as a network of collaborative regional clusters
    • Create regional networks to rapidly increase domestic and export sales
    • Scale-up Canadian SMEs to participate in global mining supply chains
    • Accelerate the number and scale of home-grown Canadian mining SMEs
    • Commercialize new, late-stage, high-impact mining technologies

    MICA Technical Themes

    1. Increase Mine Productive Capacity, at Lower Cost.
    2. Reduce Energy Consumption and GHG Emissions.
    3. Implement Smart, Autonomous Mining Systems.
    4. Eliminate environmental risk and long-term liabilities.

    CEMI is holding two information sessions about the MICA national ecosystem. Both Webinars will provide participants with some insight about the program and how organizations can participate.

    What will be covered during the Webinars?

    • Overview of MICA
    • About the Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF) Stream 5
    • How to join MICA?
    • Questions and Answers, Next Steps

    Webinar 1 – How Mining Companies and Plant Operators can participate in MICA

    Wednesday, May 20, 2020, 2:30 PM – 3:00 PM EDT

    Who should attend?

    Executives, managers, innovation leaders, decision makers from Mine Operating and Mineral Processing Plant Operating Companies in Canada.

    How will mining companies and plant operators benefit from MICA?

    • By supporting an SME project innovation investment that will improve the Mining Company’s bottom line.
    • By participating in joint projects with other mines to address similar challenges.
    • By offering assets as a potential testbed/living laboratories for technologies that will advance your business.
    • By informing SMEs of important challenge areas.
    • By participating in MICA events
    • By leveraging the capabilities of the Canadian mining innovation network.
    • By adopting some of the technologies that will be advanced through MICA and be a first adopters.
    • By accelerating the adoption of clean-technologies
    • By participating on the MICA Board or on some of the proposed MICA committees.
    • By leveraging your investments in developing solutions
    Your host

    Charles Nyabeze B.Eng MBA
    Vice President Business Development and Commercialization

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    Webinar 2 – How Canadian SMEs, OEMs and Innovators can participate in MICA

    Thursday, May 21, 2020, 2:30 PM – 3:00 PM EDT

    Who should attend?

    Owners, inventors, managers and Innovators from organizations that support the Mining and Mineral Processing industry in Canada.

    How will SMEs, OEMs, and Innovators benefit from MICA?

    • By accessing leveraged funding to develop high TRL (6-8) technologies.
    • By identifying validated and vetted first adopters of technologies.
    • By creating solutions to secure competitive advantage.
    • By having ready access to testbed in mining and plant operations.
    • By leveraging the complementary technologies and technical capabilities of network members.
    • By identifying mining company and plant operators interested in co-investing in SME led projects.
    • By leveraging the capabilities of the Canadian mining and innovation network.
    • By contributing to the development of made in Canada of clean-technologies.
    • By getting access to validated and vetted mining and plant operational challenges.
    • By participating in MICA events
    • By participating in the governance or on some of the proposed MICA committees.
    Your host

    Charles Nyabeze B.Eng MBA
    Vice President Business Development and Commercialization

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