MICA Update: As at July 29-2019 – CEMI has now circulated the draft copy of the MICA Statement of Interest (SOI) application for funding to all key national mining ecosystem supports (AMQBDCCanmetMiningCEIMDCIMCMICCOREMEDCGMG, Global-Affairs,  iMiiMACMiHR,Mining3Mining NL,  MISA,  MITACS,  MSABC,  MSTA,  NBIF,  NORCAT, NRCNRCan-CMMP,  TCEDC, TCS,  PDAC) and to over 30 private sector partners that have expressed an interest in MICA. The MICA Statement Of Interest document will be submitted to the Canadian Governments Ministry of Innovation Science and Economic Development’s (ISED) Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF) Stream 5. MICA intends to leverage the existing regional and national support system network.

    More information about the SIF Stream fund can be found here.

    More information and regular updates about MICA and details on how you can participate can be found here.