Our Commitment is to Advance Innovation in Mining

    CEMI builds capacity necessary for the adoption of innovations in mining.

    1. We are a not-for-profit organization. We reinvest in improving the mining industry.
    2. We aim to provide a single point of entry to identify, assess and manage resources and knowledge associated with commercializing innovation into mining.
    3. Our aim is to enhance the scope, extent and impact of innovation. We do this to create greater economic value and capacity within the mining industry.
    4. Our teams skillfully direct, co-ordinate and help implement step-change innovation within the mining industry.
    5. We encourage cross-sector collaboration with mining companies, academic institutions, government, technical consultants and forward looking SMEs in Canada and around the world.
    6. We help to develop and nurture the future generations of highly qualified personnel and industry leaders
    7. We facilitate innovations that advance new practices, processes, technology to improve productivity and cost efficiency within the mining industry.