Innovation Projects

    5 Areas of Strategic Focus

    CEMI’s Mining Innovation projects address issues currently faced by the mining industry. These include declining grades, increasing depth, increasing remoteness from infrastructure, increasing productivity for better rates of return, increased public demand for greater safety and better environmental stewardship.

    Our mining innovation work is first, focused on the necessary technical innovations and second, to help accelerate the adoption of innovation within the mining industry.
    Technical Areas of Innovation
    • FindMine: To increase the rate of ore discovery and reduce ore discovery costs
    • DeepMine: To reduce the risk of deep mining, managing for high rock stress and high temperatures
    • ValueMine: To increase mine productivity and positively impact NPV and ROI measures
    • SustainMine: To improve the environmental performance and social impact of mining
    Acceleration of Innovation
    • BizMine: To help ensure the commercial viability and market acceptance of innovation