Innovations can fail, not because of technical issues, but because they fail to become commercially viable. This is due to many of the obstacles faced by innovators, including: the need to scale up; achieve operational integration; build market acceptance; and the need for well-executed business strategy and plan.

    Innovation Scouting

    Global search for current and emerging pre-commercial solutions
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    Challenge Identification

    Review of existing challenges from technology road maps and uncovers hidden challenges using a Innovation-GPS (TM) systems analysis process
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    Challenge Solution Matching

    Matches current and emerging pre-commercial solutions with validated industry challenges
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    Commercialization Services

    CEMI conducts innovation and commercialization gap analysis assessments and offers services to bridge identified gaps
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    SME Commercialization Support

    CEMI works with mining service and supply companies (mining equipment, technology & service companies) to help meet their specific commercialization needs.

    CEMI’s aim in helping SMEs (small to medium enterprises), is to support bringing innovation to market, given their size and limited resources.

    The approach is to build long term collaborative relationships, providing situational assistance, based on specific technical and commercialization gaps or needs. Based on consultation with the SME, the level of support is determined.

    Impact of Commercialization of Mining Innovations

    CEMI’s disciplined approach ensures that the commercialization of mining innovation achieves:
    CEMI uses the Innovation-GPS approach to ensure that the commercialization of the mining innovation achieves:
    1. Better operational performance
    2. Lower operational costs without compromising on safety
    3. Accelerates the rate of discovery and time to first revenue
    4. Reduces the up-front capital investment required to bring an ore-body into production
    5. Improves environmental performance and social impact of mining
    6. Improves productivity and ROI

    We understand that an operating mine has to deliver value to shareholders and our project validation process requires that the projects demonstrate a significant impact on the NPV (net present value).

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