Collaboration: Foundation for Innovation Success

    Collaboration is a critical success factor for innovation. We recognize that innovation flourishes within a collaborative mindset. CEMI actively engages with partners from all sectors, where scientific understanding comes together with practical business know-how and is merged with industry knowledge. CEMI is situated at the crossroads where knowledge, ideas, insight, expertise and collaboration networks converge to produce workable solutions. This is where innovation thrives and succeeds.

    The complex challenges the mining industry faces today cannot be solved by a single individual. We recognize the need to converge and integrate the effort of a multiplicity of organizations to arrive at a viable solution.
    For the last ten years, we have engaged with partners from all sectors with the nimbleness, agility and mindset to deliver innovations. CEMI has the expertise to manage cross-functional teams and support the essential iterative knowledge-building process to bridge the technological and commercialization gaps.