Our Innovation Partners

    Mine Operating Companies

    Mining companies are the end users of mining innovations. CEMI works to ensure that innovations are validated and they address industry challenges.
    The benefits for mining companies to work with CEMI are:
    • A focused and managed process (oversight, resources, direction) towards step-change innovation, while mitigating the impact of incidental failure
    • Using the iterative and collective knowledge-building process of collaboration to open new avenues of investigation for future success, source new technologies, validate potential solutions, and access technical networked solution teams.
    • Ability to build business cases through cost-benefit analysis and feasibility studies to help implement innovations (processes, technology, new products) into mining innovations.
    • Access to additional funding for mining industry through government agencies
    • Collaboration Flexibility
      • Directly, as an extension of the company’s own internal efforts by providing unconventional ideas and new knowledge (processes) to arrive at practical solutions for implementation into operations
      • With other mining companies to find solutions to a collective issue; this allows for sharing of resources, cost, knowledge and solutions. It helps lower investor risk and leverage additional funds.

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