Join Elle Palmeira International Marketing Manager for Gupex AS and co-presenter, Dr. Daniel Cluff of CANMIND Associates Wednesday, July 7, 2021 from 1:30 PM – 2:00 PM EDT as they share the value proposition offered by the world-leading Gupex air-to-air heat exchange technology.

    Gupex GHG Webinar

    During this presentation, you will learn about the technologies features which include:

    • NO mechanical (moving) parts
    • NO maintenance
    • Cost savings (reduced heating)
    • Improve your company green profile
    • Natural heat exchanger
    • Corrosion and acid resistant
    • Dust and particle resistance
    • Low-pressure drop through the heat exchanger
    • Self -cleaning


    About Gupex:

    Gupex AS is headquartered in Norway. An international engineering company, specialized in the design and installation of more environment-friendly and sustainable heat exchangers and heat recovery units, suitable for moist, dusty and corrosive industrial air environments. Throughout their 30 years of innovation and technological development, they have delivered multiples successful projects in several countries, with a favorable payback time and a very long operating life expectancy.

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