If you are part of the mining and mineral processing ecosystem, you are invited to join us March 3, 2021, 1:30 – 2:15 pm EST to learn how to protect and turn intangible assets like inventions, copyrights, patents, trademarks, and trade secrets into business assets.


    About this Event

    CEMI will host Neil Milton Lawyer and owner of Miltons IP. Neil is an experienced lawyer, entrepreneur and investor specializing in Canadian patents and trademarks. He helps close the knowledge gap associated with fully realizing the benefits of Intellectual property assets in the mining and mineral processing industry.

    Key discussion topics include: industrial design, business models, build to sell vs licensing and royalty models and case studies relevant to the mining and mineral processing industry.

    What can you expect from this webinar:

    Through industry-relevant case studies, you will learn how to search, identify, register and leverage existing registered (prior-art) Intellectual Property (IP) and your own IP to gain competitive intelligence and competitive advantage in the mining and mineral processing industry.

    The presentation will feature 30-minutes of presentation followed by 15-minutes of questions and answers.

    About Milton’s IP

    Milton’s IP is one of the top 35 filers of patents and trademarks in Canada. Neil Milton is the author of the Canadian Intellectual Property Law For Dummies, a book with over 60,000 in print (many given away by sponsors) and translated into various languages. Miltons IP specializes in patent drafting & prosecution, assisting non-Canadian attorneys and brand owners file, prosecute, and protect trademarks in Canada. They assist with applications, examining reports, oppositions, and infringements.

    Contact Milton’s IP: info@miltonsip.com – www.miltonsip.com