Join Mark Sherry and Chris Preston on February 23, 2021, 1:30 – 2:00 pm EST to learn about a new explosives grade ammonium nitrate (Nexil) used in the manufacture of commercial explosives.

    Nexco will demonstrate how it modifies Ammonium Nitrate solution (ANSol) to produce an enhanced energy variable blasting grade explosive.


    About this Event

    Nexco has developed a new manufacturing process that chemically modifies AN solution (ANSol) to produce an enhanced blasting grade ammonium nitrate (Nexil) for both bulk and packaged explosive products. Adding #2 diesel produces NexilFO, a high-density explosive product that is hydrophobic (water-resistant) with excellent storage properties. It can be manufactured into a high density, high detonation velocity explosive exhibiting user-variable energy properties using a range of moisture contents. Both detonator and primer sensitive NexilFO can be manufactured from a single plant.

    Chris and Mark will demonstrate the unique properties of Nexil that allows one simple process to produce a wide range of explosives. This process has the potential of covering the current range of explosives including bulk and packaged explosive products all manufactured from one plant. The NexilFO explosive has the potential of becoming a user-controlled variable energy product that can be pumped into blastholes using a variety of consistencies – plastic, marshmallow, bread-dough, rubber and putty.

    The product can be manufactured at an industry-leading cost and does not require capital intensive multimillion-dollar cost prilling towers. There may be opportunities for a minesite to produce its own explosive products.

    Webinar Topics
    • The benefits of using NexilFO vs. current explosive products
    • Opportunity to change the explosives supply chain for mining and construction
    • Demonstration of a pilot plant used for the production of Nexil samples
    • Testing that has been completed (MSDS compliant)
    • Your opportunity to become a partner, investor, or end-user
    About Nexco

    Nexco is a start-up company based in North Bay, Ontario. Nexco has created a unique patented variable energy ammonium nitrate-based explosive. The production of Nexil ammonium nitrate can be produced using a simple pilot plant and is able to provide Nexil samples to potential partners.

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