Date: Tuesday, March 20-2018 2:00 pm EST to 3:00 pm EST

    Webinar Video

    The mining sector has challenges associated with Deep Mining. These challenges are shared with companies in the sector and these challenges can be addressed through research and collaboration, the UDMN is a mechanism to address and overcome these challenges. The UDMN is the nucleus that connects private sector leadership, government funding, and research at all levels to solve challenges associated with Deep Mining.  The UDMN 2.0 is aiming to solve business challenges associated with Excavation Stability, Rock Stress Risk Reduction, Energy Reduction, Underground Productivity, Improved Human Health, Human Machine Interaction and Smart Mining.

    The Webinar is designed to answer key questions in regards to how the UDMN 2.0 will work and also how you can be a part of the network.

    The Webinar will cover the following topics:

    1. Government Program Overview
    2. Ultra Deep Mining Network Overview
    3. How Funding Works (cost and resource sharing)
    4. Technical Themes
    5. Project Selection Process
    6. IP Strategy
    7. Management and Governance
    8. Membership Model
    9. Eligibility Criteria
    10. Benefits to Canada
    11. How to submit your letter of support (contact for the package)
    12. Timelines (Expression of interest, full application, funding)
    13. Questions and Answers (email questions to and they will be directed to the appropriate person)

    The Information session consists of a conference call (Audio) and a web presentation (Visual)


    Step 1: Access the Presentation through the following link (Visual – use phone for the voice)

    In order for this to work please update your flash player on your chosen platform (Chrome, Firefox, etc)

    Step 2: Sign in under guest with your name and company with the following

    Access code: 6087846

    Step 3: Call the conference line to listen to the audio portion of the presentation. (Audio)

    Toll-free: 18773945901

    Access Code: 6087846

    Copies of the presentation will be circulated 30 minutes prior to the Webinar. If you have not already received a letter of support package, please let me know at your earliest convenience via a request to


    1. Submission of letters of support
    2. April 6-2018 (submission of a full application to the government)
    3. Fall 2018 – the announcement of winners and start of funding

    Please contact with any questions.