Join Trevor Boston Team Lead at Greenland International Consulting on Thursday, July 15, 2021 from 1:30 PM – 2:00 PM EDT as he presents THREATS. THREATS is a multi-faceted data platform that simplifies this process.

    Greenland - Environmental Data Management and Visualization

    It offers:

    • Data management / visualization: interactive mapping and charting rather than research + download + spreadsheet / GIS work
    • Automated statistics and trends analysis
    • Streamlining of reports
    • Help in making operations pre-emptive rather than reactionary
    • KPIs addressing biodiversity and sustainability
    • Significant time savings
    • Planning insight for risk mitigation
    • Data and applications that complement each other in one place
    • Work directly with our development team to customize for your needs

    Trevor plans to share the THREATS value proposition and business model through case studies and examples that include:

    • Alberta Oils Sands Flow Regime Analysis
    • Flow Prediction using ML
    • Accessing Air Quality and Water Quality data for compliance reporting
    • Modeling scenarios and indicators of the impact of land-use change


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