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    Australia and Canada mining groups sign international agreement

    PERTH, AUSTRALIA, November 24, 2020: A new agreement signed by Amira Global and Canada’s Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation (CEMI) has the ability to fast-track solutions to major industry challenges.

    The Strategic Alliance Agreement signed today opens more pathways for companies to commercialize R&D developed through Amira Global and CEMI.

    In announcing the agreement, Amira Global CEO Dr. Jacqui Coombes said the partnership paved the way for international business opportunities and growth. “I’m delighted to announce the Strategic Alliance Agreement, which aims to accelerate the commercialization of innovative mining solutions that emerge from R&D programs facilitated through both organizations, developed for the benefit of the global mining industry,” Dr. Coombes said. “This global partnership is ideally suited to deliver results to the mining industry through international collaboration and its focus on developing solutions that can improve the economic, social and environmental performance of the natural resources sector globally,” she said. “The CEMI-Amira partnership aims to provide pathways for successful implementation and commercial outcomes from R&D in multiple disciplines and industry sectors, bringing benefits to the mining industry, and our shared members, clients and stakeholders.”

    Amira Global is a member-based not-for-profit charged with transforming the minerals industry through thought leadership platforms; R&D collaboration to address key breakthroughs; and the development of implementation and commercialization pathways to ensure R&D and innovation outcomes translate back into industry.

    CEMI is a not-for-profit focused on delivering step-change innovation to significantly improve the performance of the mining industry. As Canada’s leading source of mining innovation, CEMI offers leveraged programs and commercialization services to help innovators deliver solutions to industry.

    CEMI CEO Doug Morrison said he hoped the Alliance was only the first step in combining the efforts of innovators in Canada and Australia. “CEMI believes that it will take all the R&D and innovation resources in both countries working in concert, to accelerate the adoption of new technologies in the mining industry,” Mr Morrison said.  “Innovation in mining has never been more important given the vital role of the industry in producing the minerals we need to combat climate change.”

    Media contact:

    Dr. Jacqui Coombes
    Amira Global
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    Charles Nyabeze
    VP Business Development & Commercialization
    Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation
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