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    March 11, 2021, Sudbury, Ontario. As part of its partnership with Natural Resources Canada, the Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation (CEMI) is pleased to launch the Canadian Mineral Processing Ecosystem Innovation Portal

    The CMPIP is a moderated online platform that will support the community of innovators and end-users in the Canadian Mineral Processing Innovation Ecosystem. The Portal will help mobilize innovators to create a cleaner, more productive, and globally competitive Canadian mineral processing industry.

    The purpose of the CMPIP is to support and accelerate innovation and to help build the capacity of the Canadian Mineral Processing Innovation Ecosystem. The portal will help achieve this by targeting and connecting mineral processing ecosystem members from the private and public sectors around an innovation dialogue. Members from academic institutions, research centers, private enterprise (start-ups, SMEs, Large Companies, Plant Operators). This platform aims to be the go-to place to find out the latest and most current dialogue around innovation in the mineral processing ecosystem.

    The moderated platform environment offers the following features and services that are aimed at enhancing innovation and dialogue in the mineral processing ecosystem:

    – Current innovation and mineral processing news
    – Relevant upcoming ecosystem events and external links
    – Forums with categories: FEED, MILL, OPERATIONS, LIBERATION
    – Ability to submit articles on topics relevant to innovation in the sector
    – Ability to submit new innovations and challenge requests
    – 2019 Canadian mineral processing ecosystem map
    – Ability to sponsor articles, postings or events

    For examples of innovation in mineral processing visit the Canadian Government’s Impact Challenge finalists on the CMPIP Portal at

    About CEMI:
    CEMI is a not-for-profit focused on delivering step-change innovation to significantly improve the performance of the mining industry. As Canada’s leading source of mining innovation, CEMI offers leveraged programs and commercialization services to help innovators deliver solutions to the industry.

    For CEMI & CMPIP Inquiries Contact:
    Charles Nyabeze
    VP Business Development & Commercialization, CEMI