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    Working together to consolidate the mining sector as an adopter of innovation.

    March 31, 2021. The Hub de Innovación Minera del Perú and CEMI (Center for Excellence in Mining Innovation), announce an alliance to promote actions that add value and foster innovation, entrepreneurship, and collaboration between public and / or private institutions aiming to build the mining sector of the future.

    Activities highlighted by this agreement include co-designing discussion spaces that could lead to innovative initiatives, facilitating connections that could add value to the activities designed and to each country´s ecosystem, sharing opportunities for collaboration in innovation projects, disseminating benefits and contributions regarding both joint and individual activities, sharing experience through expert professionals, among others. Likewise, CEMI will be part of the activities of PERUMIN Hub, an open innovation program, by disseminating challenges and calling for innovators, using its network to seek opportunities.

    “At the Hub, we are convinced that innovation and collaboration are fundamental to maximize the capacity to generate sustainable development and shared value. We believe in collective intelligence as a source of inspiration and co-creation of solutions for the great challenges of the mining sector” indicates Pamela Antonioli, general manager of the Mining Innovation Hub of Peru. “This important alliance is aligned with one of the Hub’s work axes, which is the consolidation of the innovation ecosystem, creating networks and strengthening ties that cross borders.”

    “All of us at CEMI are looking forward to working with the Hub de Innovación to help accelerate the development and implementation of new techniques and technologies that will improve the economic, social and environmental performance of the mining industry in Perú, and strengthen the global mining innovation ecosystem,” said Douglas Morrison, President & CEO of the Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation.

    About the Peru Mining Innovation Hub
    The HUB is made up of mining sector companies and allied institutions of the innovation ecosystem. It aims to facilitate innovation in the sector through collaborative actions. Member companies and allies join the Hub to develop activities that support and promote best practices and new ideas. Sharing this knowledge will help guide the mining sector to a more positive, efficient, and sustainable future.

    About CEMI
    CEMI Is focused on delivering step-change innovation to significantly improve the performance of the mining industry. As a leading source of mining innovation in Canada, CEMI offers leveraged programs and commercialization services to accelerate the delivery of commercially viable innovations to improve mine operational performance.

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