CEMI’s President/CEO Douglas Morrison will be speaking at the Future of Mining Americans October 29-30, 2018  on the topic of INFRASTRUCTURE – A New Approach to Self-sustainable Tailings Deposition. His presentation will include answering questions about the following topics:

    In arid regions of the world where water resources are scarce, an approach that stores millions of gallons behind water-storage dams is becoming increasingly untenable.
    The issue for the industry whether to continue to promote conventional approaches or to transition to a new, low-risk approach to waste management that better addresses public concerns.
    Two alternatives, dry-stacking and tailings-rock mixtures, both require exacting engineering and long-term monitoring, but it is the need for on-going intervention that makes them problematic.
    Advanced Reclaim (ARI), has developed an approach that can achieve the permanent disposal of around 80% of most tails in an engineered natural system.

    For those of you at the event, the talk starts at 13:30 – 14:00, Mon, Oct 29, 2018 in the Crystal B.

    For more information on this topic please contact CEMI at info@cemi.ca