CEMI’s President/CEO Mr. Douglas Morrison will be a panellist at this years panel on Business Ecosystems, for those of your at the event, this session starts at  9:45 – 10:30, Mon, Oct 29, 2018
    Crystal Ballroom B and C. Other panellist include Gordana Slepcev, Chief Operating Officer, Anaconda Mining; Nathan Stubina, Managing Director, McEwen Mining; Carl Weatherell, Photo of Carl Weatherell, Executive Director & CEO, Canada Mining Innovation Council.

    Questions that will be answered by these panellists will include:

    • How are we raising the bar for innovation and development within the industry?
    • Are mining companies committing the resources towards innovation in-house or are we leaning on solution providers to lead the charge?
    • How can mining companies innovate when capital is constrained, Human Resources are scarce, and innovation is perceived risky and expensive?
    • What are the main barriers to innovation? Are they different for the mining sector? How can we overcome these ‘perceived’ barriers?
    • While there is evidence of ecosystems being used in Exploration, how widely are they being used across the industry?
    • What success have we seen from collaboration between mining companies and service providers to date and why should they be integral to your business strategy?
    • Can an ecosystem accelerate or slow down the pace of innovation?

    For more information on this event visit: https://future-of-mining-americas.pathable.com/meetings/705665